Brave Ad World - Episode 77

Brave Ad World - Episode 77 has been posted, and it covers what ended up being a very busy week in social media marketing.

This week’s headlines: YouTube Becoming a News Resource, LinkedIn Gets Updates to Spark Engagement , Google+ Wins with User Satisfaction, Foursquare Launches Local Updates and Highlight Gets First Major Update Since Launch.

The week’s news quick hits cover: Facebook Acquires Spool, Twitter Tests Non-Organic Promoted Tweets, Microsoft Office Goes Social with Skype and Yammer, Washington State Offers Voting Registration through Facebook, Autodesk Buys Socialcam, LivingSocial Now Sells Goods, YouTube Introduces Face Blurring Technology, Google+ Expands API Access, Twitter Introduces Geo-Targeted Promoted Tweets and Digg Will Be Back.

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