The Brave Ad World

Things are different. There’s no denying that, and the number of people who would argue otherwise is diminishing day by day.

In an era in which influencers can turn the levels of authority upside down with no questions asked and at a time where the traditional means of marketing fail to spark action, mobilize advocates and cause change, it’s clear that marketing is no longer black and white.

The barriers are down, and roles have reversed. Now, brands find themselves at a turning point. The turning point called the Brave Ad World. 

Some will continue with business as usual. They will throw videos online and hope for them to go “viral,” create Facebook Pages with no meaningul interaction and try whatever buzz word comes their way.

Others will identify and drive communities to action, sending messages from one to one to many. They’ll do so by tapping into the passions of the people, seeking their attention, garnering credibility and building ongoing relationships. Brave Ad World is about doing just that.

Brave Ad World is two pieces:

  • The Blog: The Brave Ad World blog is focused on Taylor Wiegert's thoughts, insights and points-of-view on how to navigate the world of digital and social media to reach marketing goals.
  • The Podcast: The Brave Ad World podcast is a weekly discussion with Taylor Wiegert and Kevin Dugan of the week's top social media and digital marketing headlines, along with perspective on how each week's events affect marketers.

About Taylor 

There’s certainly no shortage of “social media experts” out there, and Taylor Wiegert doesn’t claim to be the ultimate social media source. Still, Taylor brings the unique perspective of growing up with social media as a sibling. They laughed together. They cried together, and Taylor pulled its hair from time to time.

As a Digital Native in the purest sense of the word, Taylor’s been lucky enough to successfully merge his passion for marketing and obsession with technology, while working with some awesome clients along the way.

He wakes up to use the digital world to bridge the gap between brands and people to achieve business results. He’s been called a lot great things, but no matter what, Taylor knows that above all else, he’s a geek.

Taylor lives with his wife Katie and dog Calvin in Richmond, Virginia.

You can find more about Taylor on Twitter and LinkedIn.