Episode 301

This week’s headlines: Facebook Lets Brands Add Messenger to Websites, Snapchat Earnings Portend Redesign and Twitter’s 280-Character Limit is Officially Here.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Launches Polls, Instagram Works to Improve Disclosures, Apple Pay Cash Rolling Out in iOS Beta, Instagram Lets All Camera Roll Content Get Added to Stories, Twitter Launches Promote Mode for Small Businesses and Twitter Increases Display Name Character Limit.

Episode 300

This week’s headlines: Facebook Dark Posts Viewable by Anyone, Facebook Launches New Optimization Tools and Snapchat Enables Pixels in Advertising.

The week’s news quick hits: YouTube TV Gets App, LinkedIn Premium Users Get More Company Insights and Facebook Reports Q3 Earnings Under Scrutiny.

Episode 299

This week’s headlines: Facebook Testing Separate Tab for Publisher Content, Twitter Moves Toward MRC Accreditation, Snapchat Allows for Link Sharing from iOS Share Sheet and Instagram Lets Two People Go Live at Once.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Testing Pinterest-Like Sharing Option Called Sets, Twitter Releases Calendar of Safety Policy Changes, Messenger Gets PayPal Payments, Amazon Accepting Takeout Orders, LinkedIn Launches Smart Replies to Help Users Clear Their Inboxes, Gmail Adds New Productivity Tools, Twitter Misreports User Numbers and Amazon Key Launches.

Episode 298

This week’s headlines: Facebook Acquires TBH, Facebook Rolls Out Explore Feed and Pinterest Search Ads Available in Ads Manager.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook May Soon Allow for Conversation Insights Mining, Facebook Lets Users Order Food on Site, Nielsen Can Now Measure Netflix Viewing, Twitter Takes Steps to Curb Hate Speech, Twitter Launches Video Website Cards, Facebook Live Allows for Streaming Screen Shares and Amazon Enables Brands to Enhance Product Pages.

Episode 297

This week’s headlines: Twitter Launches Happening Now, Snapchat Launches Context Cards and Facebook Launches 3D Posts.

The week’s news quick hits: Twitter Launching Bookmarking Feature, LinkedIn Gets Snapchat-Style Geofilters, Snapchat Tests Official Stories for Verified Accounts and Facebook Stories Opens Up to Businesses.

Episode 296

This week’s headlines: Tech Firms Work to Appease Publishers, Amazon Launching Its Own Delivery Service and Instagram Stories Can Be Cross-Posted to Facebook.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Takes Steps to Monitor Advertising, Yahoo Reports All Accounts Compromised in 2013 Cyberattack, Instagram Adds New Stickers Functionality Including Polls for Stories, Facebook Testing Additional Information Button for Articles, Google Announces New Hardware and AIM Shutting Down in December.

Episode 295

This week’s headlines: YouTube Launches New Tools for Ad Targeting and Creative, Pinterest Opens Up Taste Graph Targeting, Twitter Testing 280-Character Tweet Limit, Amazon Surprises Everyone with More Echo Products and Snapchat Adds New Sponsored World Lenses.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Aims to Determine How TV and Social Work Together for Brand Lift, Snapchat Adds Sky Filters, Instagram Sees Fastest Growth in Users Yet, Facebook Secures Rights for NFL Highlights, Instagram Gives Users More Control Over Who Can Comment on Posts, Vimeo Launches Live Streaming and Facebook Adds New Objective to Drive Users to Messenger.

Episode 294

This week’s headlines: Instagram Revisits Approach to Auto-Play Videos with Sound, Pandora Rewards Users for Viewing Ads, Facebook Gives Ad Targeting More Human Oversight and Facebook Allows Targeting for Store Visits.

The week’s news quick hits: Airbnb Lets Users Book Tables, Pinterest Makes Pin Collective Self Serve, Spotify Launches Ad Studio, Twitter Launches Popular Articles and Instagram Adds Stickers to Live Broadcasts.

Episode 293

This week’s headlines: Snapchat Launches Campus Publisher Stories, Facebook Brings New Ad Options to Instagram Stories and Facebook Expands Bonfire Test.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Opens Checkbook for Original Video Content, Apple News Testing Featured Video Section, Facebook Improves Live API, Facebook Testing Videos for Offline Viewing, Twitter Brings in 35 New Video Content Providers, Instagram Stories Can Be Shared Via Direct Message, Apple Unveils New Products and Pinterest has 200 Million Active Users.

Episode 292

This week’s headlines: Instagram and Snapchat See Growth in Teens While Facebook Falters, LinkedIn Launches Native Video, and Facebook and Twitter Compete for Live College Football.

The week’s news quick hits: Medium Ties Claps to Author Payments, Walmart Partners with Google for Google Express, Publisher Logos to Appear Next to Articles on Facebook, Facebook Allowing Subscriptions Through Instant Articles and Snapchat Opens Up Official Stories to Influencers.