Episode 311

This week’s headlines: Snapchat Gives Verified Users Analytics, Google’s Ad Blocking Chrome Browser Launches and Snap Extends Marketing API.

The week’s news quick hits: Publishers and Influencers Work to Abide by Facebook’s Updated Branded Content Guidelines, Google Launches AMP Stories, Experts Advising on Messenger Kids Received Funding from Facebook, Facebook Hardware Coming in July and Pinterest Releases Board Updates.

Episode 310

This week’s headlines: Instagram Launches Collection Ads, Snap Surprises Everyone with Strong Quarter and Twitter Reports Profit for Fourth Quarter.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Watch May Borrow More from YouTube’s Strategy, Snapchat Launches Muting Options and Caption Customizations, Instagram Tests Retweet-Like Functionality, Facebook Tests Down Vote Button and Snapchat Launches Custom Lenses for Users.

Episode 309

This week’s headlines: Facebook Emphasizing Local News in the News Feed, Twitter Expands Sponsored Moments, Facebook Earnings Report Reveals Changes to User Behavior and Instagram Stories Lets Brands Create Longer Ads.

The week’s news quick hits: Fake Follower Company Brought Into Light, Facebook Launches Program to Lure Gamers, Facebook Aims to Improve Perceptions on Privacy, Instagram Lets Brands Publish Posts, Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency and Related Services, Coalition Asks Facebook to Shut Down Messenger Kids and Snapchat Launches Snap Store.

Episode 308

This week’s headlines: Facebook Letting Users Prioritize News Sources Based on Trust, Snapchat Makes Additional Investment in App Install Tech, Instagram Partners with GIPHY to Add GIF Stickers, Snapchat Breaks Stories Out of its Ecosystem and Twitter Working on Camera-Focused Interface.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Opts Out of Bidding to Stream Thursday Night NFL Games, Amazon Go Opens to the Public, Sponsored Instagram Content Doubled in 2017, Twitch Launches New Tools for Creators to Hype Content, Facebook Inks Deal with ESL for Esports Streaming, Facebook Acquires Identity Confirmation Service Confirm, Instagram Included in Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings, Google Expands Mute this Ad Program and Snapchat Removes White Border from Camera Roll Uploads.

Episode 307

This week’s headlines: YouTube Implements Tighter Requirements for Ads Program and Facebook Makes Plans to Simplify Messenger.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Hire Signals Additional Focus on AR, Roku Launches Ad Insights Platform, Instagram Testing New Features and Snapchat Makes Moves to Court Publishers in Wake of Facebook Updates.

Episode 306

This week’s headlines: Facebook Shutting Down M, Facebook Launching Home Speaker, Data Leak from Snapchat Shows Less Engaged User Base and Facebook Releases News Feed Update to the Detriment of Publishers.

The week’s news quick hits: Google Assistant Coming to Vehicles, Hulu Releases Subscriber Numbers and Fox Sports Going Live on Twitter for World Cup.

Episode 305

This week’s headlines: Snapchat Weighing Option of Requiring Users to View Ads for 3 Seconds

The week’s news quick hits: Instagram Bringing in Content from Accounts Users Don’t Follow, Snapchat Launches Stories Everywhere, Dish Network Combining Data for Addressable Ads on Traditional TV and OTT and Instagram Testing Stories Integration with WhatsApp.

Episode 304

This week’s headlines: Twitter Videos Get View Counts, Twitter Comes Out with New Feature for Tweetstorms, Snapchat Opens Up Lens Studio and Facebook Updates Its Approach to Video.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Gives Video Creators New Tools, Facebook Removes the Ticker, Instagram Lets Users Follow Hashtags, Pinterest Giving All Brands Access to Insights Tool and Facebook Lets Brands Add CTA Driving to WhatsApp in Brand Posts.

Episode 303

This week’s headlines: Facebook Launches Messenger Kids, Instagram Lets Users Keep Their Stories and Instagram Separates Messaging into Separate App.

The week’s news quick hits: YouTube’s Commits to Adding Content Moderators, Pinterest Launches Messenger Bot and Facebook Adds New Instant Games on Anniversary.

Episode 302

This week’s headlines: Snap Launches Immersive New Ad Units, Snapchat Introduces Redesigned App and Pre-Roll Ads in Testing for Facebook Watch.

The week’s news quick hits: Snapchat Recommends Contextual Filters, Twitter Renames Save For Later Feature to Bookmarks, Facebook Informing Users They’ve Followed Russian Propagandists, Instagram Lets Users Edit Images Sent in Direct Messages, Facebook Testing Messenger Broadcast, Facebook Launches Mentorship and Support Tool and YouTube Getting Stories-Like Feature Dubbed Reels.