Your Brand Managers: Customers

Traditional media has always allowed advertisers to have a direct influence over what the various media broadcast about them. Simply put, it's advertising.

While most of the talk around social media marketing revolves around what the brand is going to say to consumers, it’s even more important to pay attention to what your customers broadcast about you. Unlike traditional media, their broadcasts can’t be controlled, but they can be influenced.

What they Say Matters

Only truly compelling advertising makes consumers stop and listen, but when someone’s peer speaks, he or she is likely to take it in.

eMarketer research supports the power of word of mouth, but the number of brands that actually put this into practice doesn’t reflect the research.

When your customers speak to their networks, what are they saying about you if anything at all? Whatever it is they are saying or not saying, has an impact on your business because they’re more believable to their peers and much more than a revenue stream to your business.

Leverage the Channel

Like traditional media your customers can be an avenue for communicating your brand message to others, and you can leverage them by:

  1. Identify the talkers: Who is already discussing you and what are they saying? Who are the brand advocates? Identify them and keep an eye on them.
  2. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing and change what you need to: It’s why your advocates love you, so don’t disappoint them. There’s always room to improve, so ask them what they think, and implement change. If those that love you see fault, it’s best to change because the ones who don’t love you won’t give you the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Make the tools available: Get involved and share your information and your brand with your customers. Give your message legs, so that it can be easily spread by others.
  4. Make the positive louder: If someone’s talking about you positively, make them louder and share what they have to say while, of course, saying thank you. Never pass up the opportunity to celebrate a positive third party review and experience.