Telling a Story People Will Care About

Even the most loyal brand advocates probably aren’t as interested in your brand as you are. It’s no surprise that you will always care more about your brand more than your customers, and this is how it should be! After all, customers are busy living their own lives, and your brand is simply a piece of how they make their lives easier.

Talking About Ourselves

That said, it’s always surprising to see the number of marketers out there looking to start conversation about their brands and, in turn, find themselves struggling to drive engagement. I hate to break it to you, but people don’t care about every update your brand has or every new release you’ve come out with. Do you care about this kind of information from the brands you buy products and services from? I certainly don’t.

Meet Customers Halfway to Drive Conversation

There’s still hope, and driving conversation is possible, but your brand will not be the primary focus because the key is focusing on your customers, not you. The focus of the conversation depends on the brand, but you should choose a topic that your brand is a part of, not the focus of. For example, a health-focused company starting a conversation about walking or an electronics company generating conversation around creating the ultimate home entertainment system.

A conversation focused on a brand will rarely catch on, but topics your customers have a stake in have much more potential.

Find Your Story

Instead of starting a conversation about your brand, think about:

  • What story can you tell that your consumers will care about? What can you say that people will want to engage with?
  • Who are you speaking to? Who are your customers and what topics do they care about that your brand is a piece of?
  • Where and how? What channels align with your customers and your story to communicate? How can you tell your story in a compelling way?