The Ultimate Goal for Social Media Programs

One thing is clear when hearing about social media campaigns. The best efforts don't feel disjointed. They're not simple add-ons that have nothing to stand on once the initial buzz wears off. They're meant for something more, something bigger. They're destined for GREATNESS. 

What Social Media Should Do for Business...

How should we be using social media? Often, the answer to this question isn't what a client might be hoping for because the answer is never, initially at least, an out-of-the-box idea that will generate "buzz." Every social media program is destined for greatness in the beginning because each can be much more than a single idea.

Truly valuable social media campaigns take the power of people connecting through online social networks and integrates that power into every other aspect of business communications, amplifying those efforts and making them stronger. Social media doesn't replace communication channels. It makes the force of those channels more significant.

Integration Brings Value.

Not investing in the one-off tactics that promise "buzz" and lead nowhere and instead, focusing on the long-term goal of total integration makes social media a valuable piece of marketing communication. Integration gives social media ROI.

Integration makes efforts more effective. It brings instant feedback on consumers' thoughts, competitor activity and offers additional channels that customers are accustomed to using to spread your message and get others to share for you. Plus, it brings the ability for a business to have its fingers on the pulse of conversation trends and effectively anticipate and react to crises.

Social media integration isn't easy. If it was more businesses would be doing it well. Focusing on short-term objectives is fine and good, but if true integration isn't part of the long-term vision, a bigger opportunity couldn't be missed. How do you see social media integrating into your business in the future?