The Resonance Filter

Taking a Post to the Next Level

Any post that’s titled with a buzzword like “resonate” usually makes me roll my eyes a bit, but there’s something to it. After all, that’s how it became a buzzword in the first place, right?

Posting content is one thing, but leveraging your brand’s social media platforms to say something that warrants more than a passing glance is on an entirely different level. Consumers spend time with it and think about it. It stays with them because it was more than a promotional message. It was something that actually meant something to them. Why post for the sake of posting when you can say something with meaning?

The Resonance Filter

The type of content and how to share that content will differ by brand and consumer segment, but the content that resonates does share certain characteristics. These characteristics act as a Resonance Filter, a way to determine whether or not content should be shared. Content that doesn’t resonate may not be worth sharing.

Content that resonates can answer “yes” to at least one of the following questions:

  1. Does the content teach, entertain and/or inform? Content that resonates is enjoyable to consume. People are taking the time to take in what you have to say, so it’s important to remember that if they don’t enjoy their time with you, they may not do it again.
  2. Is it timely? Social media allows marketers to move quickly, just like the users of social media. Information moves fast, and marketers’ social media content has the ability to tie into what the zeitgeist is when the opportunity makes sense, making it more relevant and meaningful.
  3. Does the content come from the intersection of a brand’s strategy and consumer’s lifestyle? Marketers have promotional messages to share, and that’s okay. However, whatever is shared needs to relate to the consumer. Make information about your brand about your consumer, instead. That makes it relevant to both parties.
  4. Can they get this anywhere else? Brands are experts on at least one thing, which means they can offer content or a combination of content that no one else can. This may be something as simple as an exclusive deal or behind-the-scenes access to the brand. Give consumers something they can only get from you.

Social media is a conversation. Now it’s cliché to say that, but go into it with that mindset. Be enjoyable to talk to, make contextual sense, ensure content is relevant to the parties involved in the conversation and offer your perspective.