Episode 344

This week’s headlines: Leaked Emails Shed Light on Facebook’s Data Sharing Practices and YouTube Gets Autoplay Videos on Home Tab.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Watch Makes Nostalgia Play, Amazon’s Cashierless Checkout Tech Looking to Expand to Bigger Stores, Tumblr Removing Adult Content Following App Removal from App Store, Google Launches Open Governance Group for AMP, Facebook Lets Users Share Collections, Google Removes Popular Chinese Developer Apps from Play Store, Facebook Expands Level Up Program, Google Training Exercise Accidentally Pushes Yellow Box to Publisher Site and Google Shuts Down Allo.

Episode 343

This week’s headlines: YouTube Originals Moving Outside of Paywall 

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook and Google Ad Platforms Go Down Ahead of Black Friday, YouTube Testing Ad Pods, Multiple Countries Hold Hearing on Facebook Privacy, Facebook and Instagram Pass First Hurdle for MRC Accreditation, YouTube Expands Stories and Facebook No Longer Includes Publishers in Political Ads Archive.

Episode 342

This week’s headlines: YouTube Recommendations Emphasize Long-Form, Facebook Quietly Launches TikTok Competitor, Snapchat Doubles Down on Friendship, Facebook’s Push into Television Ads Hits Brick Wall and New York Times Releases Damning Facebook Report.

The week’s news quick hits: LinkedIn Testing Events Feature, Amazon Chooses East Coast Headquarters Location, Pinterest Launches Snow Globe Ad Unit, LinkedIn Rebuilds Company Pages, Messenger Getting Unsend Feature, Instagram Adds New Shopping Features, and Uber and Lyft Get Loyalty Programs.

Episode 341

This week’s headlines: Instagram Takes Steps Towards Facebook’s Post-Feed Era

The week’s news quick hits: Snapchat Discover Gets Third Party Verification, Instagram Stories Ads Can Be Cross-Promoted on Facebook Stories, Facebook Blocks Accounts Ahead of Midterms, Facebook Portal is for Sale, Disney Reveals Name of Streaming Service and Pinterest Friend Feed Organized in Single Column.

Episode 340

This week’s headlines: Snap Releases Desktop Camera App, Twitter May Remove Like Button and Facebook’s Q3 Earnings Point to Focus on Stories.

The week’s news quick hits: Tinder Partners with Google for Programmatic Advertising, Snapchat Shows Gets New Series in the UK, UK Imposes Domestic Tax on Tech Giants, Uber Launches Ride Pass, Apple Announces New Hardware,  New Stats on Twitter’s Increased Character Count and Twitter Updates Spam Reporting Tools.

Episode 339

This week’s headlines: Messenger Gets Redesign, Piper Jaffray Reveals New Stats on Teens, Facebook Working on TikTok Competitor, Twitter’s Loss in Users Pays Off and Snapchat Loses Users but Sells More Ads.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Tests New Ad Format that Puts Brands Side-by-Side, Facebook Considering Cyber-Security Firm Acquisition, Reddit and Patreon Partner Up, Facebook Reveals More Political Ad Spending Data, MoviePass to be Spun Off, Massive Ad Fraud Scheme Uncovered, Facebook Adds Music Features to Profiles and Stories and WhatsApp Gets Stickers.

Episode 338

This week’s headlines: Facebook Project Ripley Aims to Put Watch on Set-Top Box, Facebook Portal Can Definitely Collect Data and Facebook Faces Lawsuit for Inflated Video Numbers.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Focuses on Voter Suppression Ahead of Midterms, Photoshop CC Coming to iPad, YouTube Lets Advertisers Target TV Viewers, Twitter Shames Users Who Violate Rules, Facebook Expands Definition of Low-Quality Ads, Instant Games Coming to Groups and Snap Updates Lens Studio Capabilities.

Episode 337

This week’s headlines: Facebook Announces Voice-Activated Home Device, Google Covers Up Security Flaw and Snapchat Gets into Premium Content.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Offering First-Party Cookies, Google Announces New Hardware, Twitter Removes Moments from Mobile Apps, AT&T Planning Streaming Service Following Time Warner Acquisition, Facebook Removes Accounts Associated with Misinformation and Facebook Provides Update on Data Breach.

Episode 336

This week’s headlines: 50 Million Facebook User Accounts Compromised, Netflix Plans Choose-Your-Own Adventure and Facebook Launches New Brand Safe Video Environment for Brands.

The week’s news quick hits: Google Maps Lets Users Control Music During Navigation, Pinterest Announces New Measurement Partners, YouTube to Encourage Lower Funnel Actions in New TrueView Ad Extensions, Mosseri Announced as New Head of Instagram, Messenger’s New Persona API Goes Into Open Beta, Reddit Sees One Billion Video Views Per Month, All Pages Get Access to Premiere Feature on Facebook Live, Foursquare Secures Additional Funding, More Emoji Coming to iOS, Facebook Marketplace Gets New AI Features and Instagram Launches Nametags.

Episode 335

This week’s headlines: Instagram Launches New Commerce Capabilities, Snapchat Partners with Amazon to Rollout Visual Search and Facebook Expands Stories Ads Globally.

The week’s news quick hits: Pinterest Expands Shop the Look to All Business Accounts, SiriusXM Acquiring Pandora, Instagram’s Founders Leave Facebook, GIFs come to Instagram DMs, Facebook Using Security Data to Target Users and Amazon Launches 4-Star Store.