Episode 340

This week’s headlines: Snap Releases Desktop Camera App, Twitter May Remove Like Button and Facebook’s Q3 Earnings Point to Focus on Stories.

The week’s news quick hits: Tinder Partners with Google for Programmatic Advertising, Snapchat Shows Gets New Series in the UK, UK Imposes Domestic Tax on Tech Giants, Uber Launches Ride Pass, Apple Announces New Hardware,  New Stats on Twitter’s Increased Character Count and Twitter Updates Spam Reporting Tools.

Episode 339

This week’s headlines: Messenger Gets Redesign, Piper Jaffray Reveals New Stats on Teens, Facebook Working on TikTok Competitor, Twitter’s Loss in Users Pays Off and Snapchat Loses Users but Sells More Ads.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Tests New Ad Format that Puts Brands Side-by-Side, Facebook Considering Cyber-Security Firm Acquisition, Reddit and Patreon Partner Up, Facebook Reveals More Political Ad Spending Data, MoviePass to be Spun Off, Massive Ad Fraud Scheme Uncovered, Facebook Adds Music Features to Profiles and Stories and WhatsApp Gets Stickers.

Episode 338

This week’s headlines: Facebook Project Ripley Aims to Put Watch on Set-Top Box, Facebook Portal Can Definitely Collect Data and Facebook Faces Lawsuit for Inflated Video Numbers.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Focuses on Voter Suppression Ahead of Midterms, Photoshop CC Coming to iPad, YouTube Lets Advertisers Target TV Viewers, Twitter Shames Users Who Violate Rules, Facebook Expands Definition of Low-Quality Ads, Instant Games Coming to Groups and Snap Updates Lens Studio Capabilities.

Episode 337

This week’s headlines: Facebook Announces Voice-Activated Home Device, Google Covers Up Security Flaw and Snapchat Gets into Premium Content.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Offering First-Party Cookies, Google Announces New Hardware, Twitter Removes Moments from Mobile Apps, AT&T Planning Streaming Service Following Time Warner Acquisition, Facebook Removes Accounts Associated with Misinformation and Facebook Provides Update on Data Breach.

Episode 336

This week’s headlines: 50 Million Facebook User Accounts Compromised, Netflix Plans Choose-Your-Own Adventure and Facebook Launches New Brand Safe Video Environment for Brands.

The week’s news quick hits: Google Maps Lets Users Control Music During Navigation, Pinterest Announces New Measurement Partners, YouTube to Encourage Lower Funnel Actions in New TrueView Ad Extensions, Mosseri Announced as New Head of Instagram, Messenger’s New Persona API Goes Into Open Beta, Reddit Sees One Billion Video Views Per Month, All Pages Get Access to Premiere Feature on Facebook Live, Foursquare Secures Additional Funding, More Emoji Coming to iOS, Facebook Marketplace Gets New AI Features and Instagram Launches Nametags.

Episode 335

This week’s headlines: Instagram Launches New Commerce Capabilities, Snapchat Partners with Amazon to Rollout Visual Search and Facebook Expands Stories Ads Globally.

The week’s news quick hits: Pinterest Expands Shop the Look to All Business Accounts, SiriusXM Acquiring Pandora, Instagram’s Founders Leave Facebook, GIFs come to Instagram DMs, Facebook Using Security Data to Target Users and Amazon Launches 4-Star Store.

Episode 334

This week’s headlines: Facebook Watch Goes Worldwide

The week’s news quick hits: YouTube Gives More Creators the Ability to Launch Unskppable Ads, YouTube Gives Users Tool to See How Much Time They Spend Watching Videos, Instagram Opens Up Account Verification to All Users, Instagram Allows Two-Factor Authentication Apps, Amazon Set to Launch Streaming TV Service, Twitter Tests Suggestions of Accounts to Unfollow and Twitter Exempts Publishers from Political Advertiser Registration.

Episode 333

Host: Taylor Wiegert (www.twitter.com/twiegert)

This week’s headlines: Google Tracks Location Even if Location Services are Off, Facebook Removes Targeting Options, Facebook Removes Security App from App Store and Facebook Assigns User Reputation Scores.

The week’s news quick hits: Amazon Adds Video Ads to Search Results, Facebook Lets Direct Response Advertisers Turn Static Visuals into Videos, Google Launches Political Ad Library, Amazon May Buy Theater Chain, Netflix Tests Ads, Twitch Prime Sunsetting Ad-Free Viewing, Facebook Removes Accounts Linked to Misinformation, Report Shows Android Operating System Sending Information to Google 14 Times Per Hour and Google Removes Iran-Linked YouTube Channels.

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Episode 332

This week’s headlines: Infowars Removed from Major Platforms, Snapchat Loses Daily Active Users and Facebook Goes After Snapchat with AR Video Chat Games.

The week’s news quick hits: New Details on Disney’s Streaming Service Emerge, Facebook Starts Testing Dating App Internally, Facebook Working on Data-Sharing Agreements with Banks, Facebook Adds Features to Local Pages, Facebook Third Most Popular Browser, Wide Format Video Pins Roll Out to All Advertisers, HQ Runs Traditional Video Ad, Sponsored Posts on Instagram on the Rise and Spotify Tests Skippable Ads.

Episode 331

This week’s headlines: Twitter Partners with Researchers in Effort to Promote Healthy Conversation, Snapchat Rolls Out Creator-Made Stickers, WhatsApp Launches Business API and Facebook Courts Game Developers.

The week’s news quick hits: Twitter Adds Tools to Report and Moderate Abusive Live Streams, Facebook Identifies Political Influence Campaign, Facebook and Instagram Give Users Time Management Tools, Facebook Updates Video Metrics, Snapchat Lets Discover Partners Sell Inventory in Ads Manger, Snapchat Makes Commercials More Accessible, Snapchat Launches Voice Controlled Lenses, Apple Expands Search Ads to More Markets, Google Launching China-Approved Search Engine and Reddit Data Breach Revealed.