Episode 351

This week’s headlines: Apple’s Magazine Subscription Service Terms Makes Publishers Wary and Facebook and Snapchat Court Publishers for Video Content.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Acquires Grokstyle, LinkedIn Launches Live Streaming, Amazon Acquires Eero, Instagram Testing Messaging Spinoff, Reddit Updates Conversion Pixel and Launches App-Install Ads, Twitter and Instagram Hit with Bugs, Apex Legends Shows Promise in Fortnite Dominated Gaming Space, Facebook Testing Option for Publishers to Serve Ads Programmatically on Watch, Amazon Launches Amazon Moments and Facebook Negotiating Settlement with FTC.

Episode 350

This week’s headlines: Snap’s Quarterly Earnings Point to New Android App, Spotify Goes All-In on Podcasts and Twitter Quarterly Earnings Reveal Daily Active Users.

The week’s news quick hits: Slack Begins Process to Go Public, Messenger Gets Unsend Feature, Firefox to Auto-Block Auto-Play Video and Audio, Facebook Acquihires Team Behind Chainspace, Facebook Opens Up Targeting Income Brackets by Zip Code, Facebook Business Merging Messaging App Management, Facebook Makes Bonus Structure Emphasize Social Good, Facebook Moves All Campaigns to Auto-Optimization System, New Emoji Announced, Instagram Stories Getting Donation Feature, Facebook Will Let Users See Who Uploaded Their Information, Facebook Lets Brands Join Groups and Instagram Launches IGTV Previews in Feeds.

Episode 349

This week’s headlines: Snapchat May Make Some Snaps Permanently Viewable, Facebook Launching Content Oversight Board, Reddit Launches CPC Ads and Facebook Reports Strong Earnings.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Launches Privacy Hub for Businesses, Facebook Launches European Election War Room, TikTok Tests Ad Unit, FaceTime Privacy Bug Discovered, Facebook Blocks Political Ad Monitoring Plug-Ins, Apple’s Streaming Service May Have a Launch Date, Facebook Pays Users to Install Research VPN, Twitter Testing News Digest, Pinterest Hires Firms to Lead IPO, Zuckerberg Shares Date to Merge Messaging Across Facebook Platforms, Publishers Partner to Measure Effectiveness of Digital Video, Pitch Deck Reveals Ad Formats Coming to TikTok, Snopes Pulls Out of Facebook Fact-Checking Program, Facebook and Twitter Remove Fake Accounts, Hulu Launches Pause Ads and Amazon Advertising Has a Very Good 2018.

Episode 348

Host: Taylor Wiegert (www.twitter.com/twiegert)

This week’s headlines: NBC Announces New Streaming Service, Facebook Working on Meme App for Teens, Facebook Launches Community Actions and Facebook Launching Cross-Messaging Across Platforms.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Tests Feature to Share Events as Stories, Snap CFO Departing Company, Alex Jones Gets a Roku Channel That Gets Taken Away, Facebook Users Unaware their Interests are Collected, YouTube Limits Challenge Videos, FTC May Levy Record Fine on Facebook, Google Receives GDPR Fine, Netflix Lets Users Share to Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding, Twitter Updates Website, Viacom Acquires Pluto TV, YouTube TV Goes National, Twitter Tests “Original Tweeter” Tag, Amazon Launches Autonomous Delivery Bot and Facebook Shutting Down Moments.

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Episode 347

This week’s headlines: Twitter May Look More Like Messaging Service, Twitter Inks Deal with the NBA and IMDB Launches Freedive.

The week’s news quick hits: Hulu Reports 25 Million Subscribers, Instagram Allows for Multiple Account Posting, Amazon Pilots Sample Program, Zuckerberg Shares 2019 Personal Challenge and Google Assistant Coming to Google Maps.

Episode 346

No big stories this week! Just a few quick hits.

The week’s news quick hits: Instagram Inadvertently Rolls Out Update Changing the Feed, Netflix’ Interactive Episode Launches and Roku Updates Roku Channel.

Episode 345

This week’s headlines: Another Privacy Flaw Discovered in Google+, Social Media Overtakes Print Newspapers as Source of News and Google CEO Testifies Before Congress.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Watch’s Nostalgia Play Falls Flat, Facebook Tests Search Ads, Instagram Direct Gets Voice Messaging, Hulu Opens Private Programmatic Marketplace and Instagram Testing Creator Accounts.

Episode 344

This week’s headlines: Leaked Emails Shed Light on Facebook’s Data Sharing Practices and YouTube Gets Autoplay Videos on Home Tab.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Watch Makes Nostalgia Play, Amazon’s Cashierless Checkout Tech Looking to Expand to Bigger Stores, Tumblr Removing Adult Content Following App Removal from App Store, Google Launches Open Governance Group for AMP, Facebook Lets Users Share Collections, Google Removes Popular Chinese Developer Apps from Play Store, Facebook Expands Level Up Program, Google Training Exercise Accidentally Pushes Yellow Box to Publisher Site and Google Shuts Down Allo.

Episode 343

This week’s headlines: YouTube Originals Moving Outside of Paywall 

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook and Google Ad Platforms Go Down Ahead of Black Friday, YouTube Testing Ad Pods, Multiple Countries Hold Hearing on Facebook Privacy, Facebook and Instagram Pass First Hurdle for MRC Accreditation, YouTube Expands Stories and Facebook No Longer Includes Publishers in Political Ads Archive.

Episode 342

This week’s headlines: YouTube Recommendations Emphasize Long-Form, Facebook Quietly Launches TikTok Competitor, Snapchat Doubles Down on Friendship, Facebook’s Push into Television Ads Hits Brick Wall and New York Times Releases Damning Facebook Report.

The week’s news quick hits: LinkedIn Testing Events Feature, Amazon Chooses East Coast Headquarters Location, Pinterest Launches Snow Globe Ad Unit, LinkedIn Rebuilds Company Pages, Messenger Getting Unsend Feature, Instagram Adds New Shopping Features, and Uber and Lyft Get Loyalty Programs.