Episode 360

This week’s headlines: Twitter Adopts Proactive Approach to Abusive Content, Facebook Working on Voice Assistant Technology and Amazon Launches Free Ad-Supported Streaming Music Service.

The week’s news quick hits: Hulu Buys Out AT&T’s Stake, Facebook Watch Completing Transition From Exclusivity, Messenger Gets Dark Mode Toggle, Facebook Error Uploaded Email Contacts Without Permission, Instagram Tested Removing Like Counts, Amazon and Google End Boycott of Each Other, Pinterest has Good First Day of Trading and Millions of Instagram Passwords Stored in Plain Text.

Episode 359

This week’s headlines: eMarketer Predicts Decline in US Snapchat Users

The week’s news quick hits: U.K. Joining Other Countries in Plans for Tech Regulation, Amazon Signs Agreement to Let Users Access Health Info by Voice, Amazon Working on Alexa-Powered Earbuds, Pinterest Lowers IPO Share Price, Apple Music Surpasses Spotify in Subscribers, Twitter Limits Users to 400 Follows Per Day, YouTube Develops Unit for Interactive Programming, Facebook Using AI to Determine if Users Have Died, Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Filter Out Bad Content, Facebook Launches New Inventory Filter, iTunes to be Broken Up into Separate Apps, Uber Files to Go Public and Disney Releases Details on Disney+.

Episode 358

This week’s headlines: Zuckerberg States His Regulation Focus Areas, Zuckerberg Floats Idea of High-Quality News Section for Facebook and Snap Makes Big Announcements at Partner Summit.

The week’s news quick hits: Hulu Limits Ad Breaks to 90 Seconds, Facebook Adds “Why am I seeing this post?” Tool to News Feeds, Twitter Supports .SRT Uploads with Videos, Instagram Tests Playback Feature for Videos, Instagram Lays Groundwork for IGTV Sponsorships, Google+ Shuts Down, Twitter Makes Appealing Flagged Tweets Easier, Snapchat May Add Location Update Feature to Snap Maps, Facebook Backtracks on Email Password Requests for Verification, Facebook User Information Discovered on Publicly Available Servers and Dorsey Supports Tech Regulation.

Episode 357

This week’s headlines: YouTube Steps Away from High-End Productions and Apple Continues Push into Services.

The week’s news quick hits: Pinterest is Going Public, Google Launches Local Experiments Project, Facebook Bans White Nationalism Content and Google Launches AMP for Email.

Episode 356

This week’s headlines: Facebook’s Journalism Project Shares Research to Tackle News Deserts, Google Announces Chrome-Powered Gaming Platform Stadia and Instagram Testing In-App Shopping and Buying.

The week’s news quick hits: Snapchat Announcing New Gaming Platform, Advertisers Seek Refunds Following Facebook Outage, Facebook Works to Limit Discrimination in Ad Targeting, LinkedIn Updates Targeting Tools, Snapchat Pays Some Creators, Some Facebook Passwords Stored in Readable Format and Comcast Launching Streaming Service for Internet Subscribers.

Episode 355

This week’s headlines: Facebook’s Relevance Score is Replaced with New Metrics, Twitter Focuses on Images and Video and Facebook Is Under Criminal Investigation.

The week’s news quick hits: YouTube Stories Get AR Selfie Filters, Twitter Launches New Testing App Called Twttr, Hulu and Spotify Partner on $9.99 Bundle, COPPA Update Introduced in the Senate, Facebook Updates Potential Reach Metric, Apple Sets Dates to Reveal Streaming Plans, Facebook Suffers from DDOS Attack, Facebook Extends Watch Party to TV, Spotify Challenges Apple’s 30% Fee on In-App Purchases and High-Profile Execs Leave Facebook.

Episode 354

This week’s headlines: Google and Facebook Preview Election Efforts in Canada and Indonesia, Instagram Launches Branded Content Ads and Mark Zuckerberg Promises Privacy for Future Facebook Users.

The week’s news quick hits: Amazon Plans Massive Grocery Expansion, Pinterest Expands Shopping Capabilities for Retailers, Verizon Shutting Down Oath Ad Platform, Google Shifts Programmatic Platform to First-Price Auction System and Facebook Limits Vaccine Misinformation Pages and Groups.

Episode 353

This week’s headlines: TikTok Surpasses One Billion Downloads

The week’s news quick hits: Pinterest and YouTube Go After Anti-Vaccination Propaganda, Instagram May Soon Enable Public Collections, Foursquare Launches New Offline Attribution Offering, Snapchat Android App Coming in 2019, Time Warner Acquisition Gets Closer to Reality, Facebook’s Clear History Feature Confirmed for 2019, LinkedIn Adds Raise Insight to LinkedIn Jobs, Facebook Woos TV Ad Buyers to Watch with Showcase and YouTube Disables Comments on Videos with Minors.

Episode 352

This week’s headlines: Digital Ad Spending to Exceed Traditional in 2019 and Pinterest Files for IPO.

The week’s news quick hits: Spotify Adds Placed to Measurement Partners, YouTube Adds Warnings to Strike Policy, Twitter Opens Up Conversation Testing to Beta Users, Apple Launching a Credit Card, Brands Pause YouTube Campaigns Among Brand Safety Concerns and Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target Nazis.

Episode 351

This week’s headlines: Apple’s Magazine Subscription Service Terms Makes Publishers Wary and Facebook and Snapchat Court Publishers for Video Content.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Acquires Grokstyle, LinkedIn Launches Live Streaming, Amazon Acquires Eero, Instagram Testing Messaging Spinoff, Reddit Updates Conversion Pixel and Launches App-Install Ads, Twitter and Instagram Hit with Bugs, Apex Legends Shows Promise in Fortnite Dominated Gaming Space, Facebook Testing Option for Publishers to Serve Ads Programmatically on Watch, Amazon Launches Amazon Moments and Facebook Negotiating Settlement with FTC.