Episode 358

Host: Taylor Wiegert (www.twitter.com/twiegert)

This week’s headlines: Zuckerberg States His Regulation Focus Areas, Zuckerberg Floats Idea of High-Quality News Section for Facebook and Snap Makes Big Announcements at Partner Summit.

The week’s news quick hits: Hulu Limits Ad Breaks to 90 Seconds, Facebook Adds “Why am I seeing this post?” Tool to News Feeds, Twitter Supports .SRT Uploads with Videos, Instagram Tests Playback Feature for Videos, Instagram Lays Groundwork for IGTV Sponsorships, Google+ Shuts Down, Twitter Makes Appealing Flagged Tweets Easier, Snapchat May Add Location Update Feature to Snap Maps, Facebook Backtracks on Email Password Requests for Verification, Facebook User Information Discovered on Publicly Available Servers and Dorsey Supports Tech Regulation.

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