From Always-On to All-In

There is one thing that’s on the to-do list almost every day for countless brands: post to social channels. A lot of brands do it. They ensure something new goes up on Facebook, a new tweet gets sent, something gets posted to Instagram and so on. All in the name of sustained engagement with fans and followers, but a post doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Brand posts are hit hard by algorithms almost across the board from Facebook to Twitter, which are limiting reach and the ability to reach fans and followers. That means the value of an organic post today is far less than years ago.

Posts need to work harder to have an measurable effect. A post for the sake of a post is little more than a misallocation of time and resources.

Fewer, Bigger, Better

The era of always-on is over. Today’s marketers need to choose their moments and prioritize their messaging. That will tell them how to invest in media as well as creative. Media is necessary for content to be seen and strong creative is essential for that content to be viewed, taken in and remembered.

It’s a different mindset. It’s one that thinks of content and storytelling like one thinks about a campaign with a specific objective and communication strategy, versus ongoing content related both directly and indirectly to the brand that can be shared on a regular basis. It’s about choosing and going after the right opportunities to make the most of them, instead of sharing content all the time but not taking full advantage of key opportunities.

Move away from always-on content opportunities and instead go all-in on the right opportunities with investment in media and creative to benefit the brand.