Becoming a Culture Geek in the Name of Relevance

In an era of tech proliferation, we have a lot, but one thing becoming increasingly scarce is attention to spare. For marketers, reach is one thing, but getting people to pay attention when they tell their stories is an entirely different ball game where relevance is everything.

Relevance is a loaded term. It conjures up eye rolls and is easy to dismiss, but when it comes down to it, it’s about what advertising has always been about, making a message relevant to a consumer’s life and current mindset. The challenge now is lifestyles are more diverse and mindsets shift on a minute-by-minute basis. But understanding what is on a large segment of the population’s mind is easier than ever if we pay attention.

Recalculating the Value Equation

There are so many decisions just a tap away for consumers at every given second, meaning they can leave any situation that doesn’t benefit them at any moment. So today marketers need to look at their messages and what they’re talking about and find that balance between talking about themselves and talking about what people care about.

Be Geeks About Everything

Digital marketers obsess over tech. That’s why we’re in this business. The opportunity for technology to match brand messages with consumers open to them is exciting and always changing.

But at a time when relevance is only growing in importance, we have to be geeks about whatever the current conversation and cultural touchpoint is. This changes at any given moment, but one doesn’t need to look far to see what people are talking about and interested in.

That is where marketers can find opportunities to let culture inform the message, creative and ultimately the delivery. This won’t always be possible. After all, what people are talking about and interested in doesn’t always align with what the brand wants to and has a right to talk about. That’s a rarity. But when it does, it can be powerful.

Where tech, culture and message meet, relevance lives. So be a geek for culture. Follow the news, stay up-to-date on trending conversations and, most importantly, have a plan for the types of cultural moments your brand has a POV on and a right to be part of as well as a plan to activate when that happens.