Things I’ve Learned from Lately #67

“Things I’ve Learned from Lately” is a regular compilation of articles that have made me a smarter marketer. Hopefully, they’ll help you, too.

What Our Dogs Can Teach Us About Wearable Tech – Austin Carr writes in Fast Company about the latest in wearable tech (for dogs), Whistle. It’s an activity-tracking device. Carr writes about some of the technology’s best features as well as some of its shortcomings and challenges. In that, he gets me thinking about the larger  future for wearable tech, and whether or not it’s a fad or the future of self-improvement.

Going Dark to Go Online - Clive Thompson of Wired writes about the Darknet and the illicit activity it protects. He contends, however, that the Darknet isn’t bad. It just covers up bad people, but in an age where we’re all being monitored and tracked, the Darknet offers a fresh start.

Facebook Playing a Role in Getting Customers in the Driver’s Seat - AdWeek follows up on a controversy in May of 2012 when General Motors pulled out of Facebook advertising. According to comScore research, Facebook ads played a major role in driving traffic for car brands and improving research activity.

Eating with Strangers - NPR looks at websites like Eat With, Side Tour and Feastly that connect in-home chefs with guests looking for a home cooked meal. The story dives into an online moving offline experience that creates serendipity and unforgettable meals.