6-Seconds of Your Time?

Vine brought 6-second video sharing to the mainstream three months ago, but for the most part, it’s been a novelty for marketers being limited to experimentation. May, however, kicked off with the most innovative Vine campaign yet.

Lowe’s launched a series of Vine videos showing home improvement tips. The most popular Vine shows users how to remove a stripped screw using a rubber band. The campaign has been run very well, and the videos have worked partially because of their quality. Lowe's brought in a photographer and established Vine user to help create the videos.

The initiative helped Lowe’s gain the attention of marketers for its innovative use of the Vine platform, but that almost entirely misses the point of what they did. Lowe’s didn’t show the secret to Vine. It showed another excellent example of how to make consumer-centric marketing.

People Do Not Care About Brands

When it all comes down to it, people do not care about brands or products. They care about their lives and the solutions brands and the products they create can provide.

The job of marketers, particularly social media marketers focused on content, is to understand the intersection of consumers’ lives and their brands. The intersection is where a brand can deliver a message and get consumers to stop for just a moment, turn their heads and give the brand a few seconds (even six) to let the brand deliver a message.

Lowe’s understands that its job is to help people improve their homes. People don’t necessarily care about Lowe’s, but they do care about their to-do lists. Lowe’s understands the problems people have, the content that can help solve that problem and the platform(s) to deliver that content. In this case, Vine offered an elegant channel for Lowe’s to deliver value to consumers’ lives.

Remember, people don’t care about your brand. They’re busy. They’re selfish. Make content about them, and they’ll remember you for it.