Things I’ve Learned from Lately #43

“Things I’ve Learned from Lately” is a regular compilation of articles that have made me a smarter marketer. Hopefully, they’ll help you, too.

Getting Closer to a Quantum Internet - MIT Technology Review shares that a quantum Internet has been running for nearly two and a half years, meaning the aspirations of security experts to create totally secure communications through quantum mechanics is already a limited reality. The challenge today is that quantum computing requires one-to-one communication, instead of routing through multiple points as the current state of the Internet requires. We aren’t there yet, but some researchers are getting close.

Key Takeaway: The Internet is just getting started. It’s fascinating to see that as advanced as we are, we still have a long way to go. Things like a quantum Internet aren’t going to get average users excited, but as the underpinnings of the Internet get stronger, what we can do today will be child’s play in the future.

A License to Build AdWeek outlines how Lego has grown to be massive company and overcome expiring patents through strategic licensing deals.

Key Takeaway: Lego has put itself in a position any business would want—other businesses want to work with them. The passion around Lego and its proven track record have positioned Lego for even more success in the future.

Can MySpace Grow Fast Enough? DigiDay writes about the current state of MySpace and its most notable brand partnerships with the likes of Chevy and Gucci. The redesigned-from-the-ground-up network focuses on music and aims to get users back, but user growth remains its biggest challenge.

Key Takeaway: MySpace may be a social platform dark horse, but as Ian Schafer points out in the article, “It’s always audience first. Anything ‘social’ these days needs to prove how they can increase the frequency of engagement with branded content in a way that results in sharing. Advertisers won’t ever think it’s cool until consumers do.” With the right approach and motivation, MySpace has a chance. Many discounted Google+ in the beginning, and it’s getting traction.