Things I’ve Learned from Lately #38

“Things I’ve Learned from Lately” is a regular compilation of articles that have made me a smarter social media marketer. Hopefully, they’ll help you, too.

More than a Deal – Deals and discounts are often one of the go-to approaches for social media marketing, but as Karen Axelton writes on Networked Solutions, most people follow companies and brands on social media to show loyalty. Deals are important, but showing support for a business is even more so.

Key Takeaway: As marketers, we often think our customers just want a good deal, but social media allows our biggest advocates to connect with us on a deeper level than they could previously. We need to reward them with exclusive content and access to the brand. After all, they’re following us to show their loyalty. Give them the tools to share your brand even more.

Consider the Obstacles – Jack Marshall writes in Digiday that marketers are excited about the prospect of real-time marketing, but there are too many obstacles to do this on an ongoing basis effectively. Obstacles ranging from approvers not always being available to act quickly, technology not being feasible for business and more hold real-time marketing back from being a reality for most businesses.

Key Takeaway: Successful marketing is the result a series of right decisions. Marketers need to consider what is right for their business. Real-time marketing may be the right approach. It may not be, or it may be to a limited degree. Marketers need to decide what is right, identify the challenges and start to develop solutions to overcome those challenges. This means being real about what is and isn’t possible for your business and not going after the next shiny object without thinking through the ramifications first.

The Right Approach for Your Business – Dan Schleifer writes in Harvard Business Review  about how his business, ChartIQ, developed an understanding of how its customers use social media and identified the right approach from there. Schleifer and his team didn’t go to the standard channels to focus their efforts. Instead, they identified the biggest opportunity as StockTwits.

Key Takeaway: What everyone else is doing shouldn’t distract marketers. Instead, focus on how your customers use social channels and build your approach around how they consume and seek out content.

From Like to Share- Christopher Heine of AdWeek writes about marketers’ new focus on shares instead of likes when it comes to measuring success through social media efforts. Getting more people to ‘like’ a Page is no longer the priority. Getting people who already ‘like’ a Page to share content is.

Key Takeaway: Marketers have spent the past few years building communities in terms of followers and fans. But the marketer who builds the community and doesn’t mobilize it has wasted a lot of effort by not leveraging the asset.