Will Your Content Make the Cut in 2013?


Consumers are inundated with messages from multiple directions and sources both on and offline, but social networks, in particular, unleash an onslaught of content. This could be overwhelming, but consumers are responding by unsubscribing, creating lists and taking a number of other actions to make sure the content they want is delivered and the content they don’t want is ignored.

Platforms understand this, too. For better or worse, Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is designed, in part, to help users see the content that matters most to them based on their behavior and the behavior of friends. Google has evolved its algorithm to help ensure the most valuable content gains prominence in search results.

Marketers should be asking if they’re content makes the cut.

Live and Die by Content

Consumers are increasingly turning to social networks when they go online, and most marketers understand that there’s opportunity in meeting them there. But leveraging a social network is less about getting consumers to come to you and more about the brand going to them through content in their News Feeds, streams and search results.

Success will hinge on the content they produce. Content that is relevant, timely and creative and incites some form of user engagement will organically receive more attention and do something for a brand. Content that is not will be ignored and marketers will wonder why they aren’t getting any engagement.

There’s No Better Time…

Mechanical and organic filters are being put in place to make getting valuable content easier for consumers, and this is only going to continue. Now is the time for marketers to evaluate their content’s effectiveness, align on expectations and set objectives for content performance.

Content that makes the cut is the result of listening to and having an ongoing conversation with consumers, identifying and adapting brand attributes into content relevant to consumers and constantly optimizing based on consumer feedback and levels of engagement.