Does Your Content Work for You or Is It Just Noise?

Facebook recently released the findings of a study that analyzed 1,200 posts from 23 brand pages, according to AdAge. The findings of the study provide insight regarding what is and isn’t working in terms of posts to Facebook pages.

Stay On-Brand

Brands have seen a great deal of feedback and what, at the surface level, appears to be impressive results from seemingly completely unrelated content like asking fans what their favorite colors are, getting predictions on Super Bowl winners and so on.

That kind of content may generate likes and comments, but it doesn’t do much for the brand. Facebook’s findings revealed that producing brand-related content is one of the “most important things a brand can do.” That’s why people subscribe. That’s why people like. The brand can provide something they can’t get anywhere else—insight into the brand and what makes it tick.

Give What People Crave

Loyal customers crave valuable content. Producing photos, videos and exclusive posts they can’t get anywhere else is how brands can set themselves apart in the more and more crowded Facebook ecosystem.

It’s a matter of working to create content that works for the brand and helps to build brand affinity or producing content that simply adds noise to an already loud social network. Have something to say, and make it valuable.

What If Your Page Disappeared?

Marketers should always be looking at their content and asking themselves what their fans would say if they went away. Would they care? Would they even notice? These questions can be answered with a ‘yes’ if brands produce content they can’t get anywhere else. Likes and comments are nice. Likes and comments related to your business are great. Focus on the brand and where it intersects with consumer interests versus talking about what others can and already do talk about. Brands are competing for consumer attention on Facebook. Leverage your competitive advantage.