It's the Inside that Counts: Social Success Starts Internally

Brands want to be social, but being social isn’t a conscious decision made by a team within an organization. It’s the result of a deliberate process that begins from the inside. An organization that isn’t set-up for social media marketing success won’t go far. It can’t go far.

I was recently speaking with a colleague about some upcoming marketing initiatives for her business. We discussed some potential social media activations, but they were all shot down for organizational reasons: it’s not their job to do that, they won’t do that, leadership won’t go along with that.

Clearly, the challenge is bigger than the actual execution of tactics. The challenge is internal.

Source: stock.xchng

Source: stock.xchng

Social Reveals Organizational Needs

Social media marketing requires a business mindset across the organization, starting at leadership. A team relegated to social media will only do so much, but a business that isn’t set-up to be nimble, responsive to customers and personable will stifle any social media marketing initiatives.

Social media marketing requires business leaders to answer those questions and determine if they’re truly ready to practice what they preach.

Tools Won’t Get You Far

Marketers can’t let tools distract them from real solutions to internal problems. There’s often a big focus on social media marketing tools, but those should be implemented after the organization is set-up and adopts the right mindset. Tools won’t solve organizational challenges for a brand. Those require tough conversations, many meetings with leadership and permission to take risks and sometimes fail.

Are You Where You Want to Be?

Look at your current initiatives. Are you getting the results you want? If not, look beyond external factors and evaluate how you’re set-up internally. All too often a brand’s greatest impediment to success is itself.