Content: The Bindings of Social and Search

Today, most organizations operate their social media marketing efforts separately from their search engine optimization work, but those days are quickly coming to an end. The two are coming together.

The more I speak with colleagues working in search and social media, the more I realize we’re doing the same thing but sometimes for different reasons.

SEO’s goal is to make sure that when a consumer is searching for information related to your brand, your brand is what the consumer finds. Social is intended to share brand-related content and inspire others to share on behalf of the brand, but there’s one thing social and search have in common—content.

Content Fuels Everything

Marketers that aren’t investing in content today will be scrambling tomorrow because its imperative in everything we do.

Blog posts, social media content, white papers, articles and so on all play a part in improving a brand’s search results, but all that content also populates a brand’s social channels.

Content will make or break a brand’s efforts in social and search, and it shouldn’t be developed in a silo.

Better Together

The time for boundaries between social media and search is over. Both can benefit from working together.

Search is able to provide data related to what people are interested in based on consumer search behavior. Those are findings that can be leveraged when writing a Facebook post, crafting a Tweet, sitting down to write a blog post and so on. So often marketers are challenged with what content they can create that’s valuable. Search can help with that challenge that never goes away.

Social media, on the other hand, allows consumers to like, share, tweet and so on, which creates social signals. The more social signals, the more valuable a piece of content is viewed by search engines, which naturally improves the brand’s SEO efforts.

When one works, the other works. Content has blurred the boundary where social ends and search begins. It’s time the two work hard together. Is your social media team talking to your search team?