Facebook Insights: Analytics to Go Beyond the Like

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you know that success on Facebook is based on much more than numbers. It’s about what you do with those numbers and how you mobilize those who have raised their hand and ‘liked’ your page.

Still, whether it’s liker numbers or some other metric, analytics are important. They hold us accountable and allow us to see whether or not our efforts are successful. More importantly, they let us learn what is going on, so we can adapt.

Facebook has unleashed a pretty robust analytics platform built right into Facebook Pages, Facebook Insights, that allow brands to unlock much more data from their pages than just liker numbers.

Where do you start? The chart below shows the rich quality of data that can be gleaned to inform your efforts, prioritize opportunities and gain insights from your advocates. Much of this is information that the number of likers simply cannot convey.

The list isn’t exhaustive, and the most important data comes from reading comments and seeing what your likers are saying. The power of social media analytics is more qualitative than quantitative. Pair that analysis with the analytics below and enjoy the nerdiness that will ensue.