Keep the Momentum and Maintain Facebook Relevance

A recent report from eMarketer made an interesting observation on Facebook Pages, essentially saying the more Likers, the less interaction. Specifically, each individual post receives fewer "Likes" and comments as the number of Likers goes up.

One of the biggest values from a Facebook Page is ongoing engagement. The danger in declining engagement is the brand doesn't get each member's attention as much as it used to. The bigger the community, the less share of attention the brand gets with each member, making growth a bit of a double-edged sword.

Stoke the Engagement Fire

Brands strive to nurture their Pages and grow the number of advocates who "Like" them on Facebook, and the notion of losing engagement value for the trade-off of more members doesn't have to be an accepted inevitability.

Brands have options to stoke engagement and earn attention by following some guidelines:

Know the Audience and What They Value: The best way to know an audience is to listen to them. Discover their interests and unlock the value the brand can provide. Brands need to prove that they are able to offer what their Facebook audience is looking for. This, first and foremost, should take the form of fun, interesting and/or entertaining content that's rooted in the brand, but contests and deals shouldn't be ignored either.

Respond, Respond, Respond: Likers expect brands to be responsive. Whether they're a detractor, a disgruntled customer or a raving evangelist, they each deserve a response. It makes them feel special, and increases the "stake" they feel they have in the community.

Diversify the Content: Don't rely on the status quo. Use different types of media (photos, videos, text), and alter sharing patterns. Change up the timing to identify how different segments of Likers can be reached.

Varying the types of content also helps brands leverage Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm, which determines what does and doesn't show up in a user's NewsFeed. Diversifying the content helps in a Facebook Page's never ending battle for NewsFeed placement.