The Role of Content

Social media does one thing really well. It brings brands down to the level of the consumer and allows a genuine dialogue to take place. Still, that dialogue is almost impossible without those conversation starters, and no, I'm not talking about the awkward "Two Truths and a Lie" icebreakers.

Consumers, no matter the industry, have control when it comes to gathering and leveraging information for purchase decisions. Tools to evaluate businesses, products and services are readily available, and consumers have no reason not to use them. Information is a commodity, and content is the currency.

Content as a Resource

Original content allows brands to be a part of that information gathering process. Whether it's in the form of videos, blog posts, white papers or anything else, content allows brands to be a resource, partner and expert for potential customers, which puts them in a good position both in online search results and in the consumer's consideration set.

Content as a Conversation Driver 

Social media has shined a spotlight on the need for content. This really isn't a surprise because content provides conversation drivers. It informs what you'll say to and share with your social media connections. Without it, starting a conversation is essentially impossible. 

Content's Role is Two-Fold

Dialogue without content will turn out to be the opposite of dialogue, and failing to prove your expertise by being a resource for your customers is a missed opportunity. Think about your customer, what he or she values and what you can provide.