Scale Through Communal Experiences

Social media is, in most cases, not a means of reaching a large audience, but it truly shines when it comes to reaching those who matter and those who will share your message. This doesn’t mean achieving scale isn’t possible. In fact, it should be an objective for any social media efforts.

Brands must remember that unlike a television spot, magazine ad or banner placement, consumers have a choice when it comes to engaging with a brand. On TV, they (in a way) have to watch your ad to watch the show or flip by your ad to read an article. Getting consumers to engage with you requires them to take action to go where you are, and in an age of unlimited options, brands need to be smart.

Give Consumers Reasons to Consume and Share

Consumers won’t engage with you unless you have something to say or an experience for them that isn’t compelling. Your brand knows something and has something to share that consumers will care about. You wouldn’t be a business if you didn’t. Discover who your audience is, what they want and determine what you have to offer. Then create an experience that’s worth consuming. Note that these experiences should be long-term and worth coming back to experience again because they’re either really compelling or they change over time. Your deals and discounts don’t apply here. Those are short-term and unsustainable.

Then you can achieve scale by empowering the few who consume to spread the word, leading to many who consume and keep coming back, which means scale isn’t achieved right away. It’s achieved by leveraging the community. Ensuring this means making the tools to share easily available and including a call-to-action. It’s amazing how many people will share because they are simply asked to.

Keep in mind that those consuming your content have taken the time to engage with you. They at least like you before the interaction begins. All you have to do is not disappoint and provide the encouragement and the means necessary to tell others. This is easier said than done, but if performed strategically, significant scale is within reach.