Enter the Brave Ad World

Today, just as the day before it and the day before that, millions of consumers woke up with the world quite literally at their fingertips. From the moment they opened their eyes, they had the ability to consume immeasurable amounts of information from both professional content distributors and consumers much like themselves. Not only could they consume content, but they could also disseminate it to their closest friends and others who they’d never met. At the same time purchases were being made and purchase decisions were confirmed or put to end based on content consumed. Finally, as they walked out their doors constantly-connected mobile devices gave them the ability to maintain their connecttions throughout the day.

Okay. You get the idea. The world has changed, and you’ve heard that thousands of times before. However, as much as posts like this are written, brands continue to find it difficult to wrap their minds around new media.

New technology has given consumers the ability to do what they do best, communicate, at a level unimaginable even ten years ago, and this shift has given brands a run for their money as they try to adapt to the changing landscape.

All of this is no secret, but what does it mean and how can it be leveraged? Those are the questions that I created Brave Ad World to answer. Yes, there are a lot of people out there aiming to answer those same questions, and yes, many of them are incredibly smart and offer incredible insight. What sets Brave Ad World apart is perspective.

I’ve had the opportunity to grow up in a world of constant connectivity. I’ve never known a classroom without the Internet, Facebook came into being while I was getting started with college and online video games became a mainstream phenomenon as I grew up. A large part of my life has been defined by the digital communication. That is the perspective that I bring to the social media conversation, which is unique to many of the social media experts out there.

My goal with Brave Ad World is to bring actionable insights, smart strategies and new ideas to help you navigate the new marketplace, and hopefully, you find it valuable. Check out the podcast (the first episode will be up early this week and available in iTunes shortly after), subscribe to the blog, leave a comment and let your colleagues know.

Thanks for reading. This will be cool.