Brave Ad World Podcast - Episode 303

Episode 303 of the Brave Ad World Podcast is here!

This week’s headlines: Facebook Launches Messenger Kids, Instagram Lets Users Keep Their Stories and Instagram Separates Messaging into Separate App.

The week’s news quick hits: YouTube’s Commits to Adding Content Moderators, Pinterest Launches Messenger Bot and Facebook Adds New Instant Games on Anniversary.

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User Generated Algorithms

Algorithms have asserted themselves as a mainstay of social networks. The approach to serving up content based on individual users pioneered by Facebook has been adopted by Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat to a certain extent. Networks are deciding which content gets seen and what doesn’t, and this has frustrated marketers as social has become a paid advertising effort with dollars necessary for brand messages to be seen.

The truth is even if platforms hadn’t rolled out algorithms selecting which content and people users are exposed to, they’d have done it themselves. We know this is true because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Today, there are more users using messaging apps than there are using social networks. The users of messaging apps control who they talk to and what they see, all with the confidence that what they’re doing is hidden from public view.

Brave Ad World Podcast - Episode 302

Brave Ad World is back with Episode 302!

This week’s headlines: Snap Launches Immersive New Ad Units, Snapchat Introduces Redesigned App and Pre-Roll Ads in Testing for Facebook Watch.

The week’s news quick hits: Snapchat Recommends Contextual Filters, Twitter Renames Save For Later Feature to Bookmarks, Facebook Informing Users They’ve Followed Russian Propagandists, Instagram Lets Users Edit Images Sent in Direct Messages, Facebook Testing Messenger Broadcast, Facebook Launches Mentorship and Support Tool and YouTube Getting Stories-Like Feature Dubbed Reels.

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